Discover The Magic Of Dance With Arthur Murray Dance Studio

At some point in life, everyone desires to express themselves in rhythm. Arthur Murray Dance Studio is the magical place where this is made possible. Started over a century ago, this dance studio has continuously built a reputation and garnered an unmatched record for teaching the timeless art of dance, with locations spread in more than 25 countries worldwide. It has traditionally offered a broad range of dance classes including Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Country Western, and even ballet dance classes for kids.

A Legacy of Over a Century

Arthur Murray Dance Studio comes with an impressive history that dates back to 1912 when Arthur Murray, a pioneering figure in the dancing universe, started teaching dance. He implemented the idea of selling dance lessons by mail, using a footprint system. His brilliance did not stop at this innovative idea, as he became the first to host TV dance programs showcasing dance competitions. His passion and dedication to promoting dance are what the world-renowned Arthur Murray Dance Studio exudes even now.

Nurturing The Passion For Dance

The studio’s mission is to provide high-quality dance education in a nurturing environment. It aims to foster the passion for dance among people regardless of their age and level of competence. The studio provides beginner, intermediate, and advanced level courses; there’s something for everyone, from those taking their first steps in dance to those polishing their professional routines.

In line with its all-encompassing approach to teaching dance, the studio provides ballet dance classes for kids. Children as young as three years old can tap into their inner ballerinas and learn the foundational steps and forms of this classic dance. The ballet curriculum for kids is carefully designed to keep the young learners engaged while instilling in them the discipline of ballet. Moreover, the warm and supportive methods of teaching help children develop a love for ballet and dance in general.

Beyond Just Dance Lessons

Beyond the dance structure, Arthur Murray Dance Studios foster a sense of community among their students. It is more than just a dance studio; it is a place where dancers from different walks of life find a common ground in their love for dance. At Arthur Murray Dance Studio, you’ll not only learn new dance techniques, but you’ll also make friends and memories to last a lifetime.

World-Class Instructors

With world-class instructors, each of whom brings in-depth knowledge, immense passion, and years of experience to the dance floor, Arthur Murray Dance Studios ensure the highest quality of dance education. The instructors at these studios are expertly trained and certified in the Arthur Murray teaching method, which combines private lessons, group classes, and practice parties to provide a comprehensive learning experience.


With its excellent curriculum, seasoned instructors, and unique teaching methods, Arthur Murray Dance Studio creates an environment where the beauty and grace of dance can be thoroughly explored and enjoyed. Be it ballroom dancing for adults, salsa lessons for teens, or ballet dance classes for kids, the Arthur Murray Dance Studio provides an unsurpassed learning experience and a chance to immerse oneself in the captivating world of dance.