The Best Accounting Software For Rental Property

In today’s digital world, property managers and landlords need to be aware of an expanding number of online resources to simplify their business operations. One such crucial resource is accounting software. Good accounting software can streamline your record-keeping, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and many other financial tasks related to property rentals. Among the wide array of accounting software available in the market, a few stand out as the best for rental property. Particularly, the software PropertyMe has gained significant attention.

Effective accounting software for managing rental properties should offer a great balance between user-friendliness and robust features. It should help owners and property managers track rental income, expenses, save digital copies of essential reports, and be easy enough to use without advanced accounting knowledge. So, why does PropertyMe stand out from the competition?

PropertyMe: A Comprehensive Accounting Solution

Located in Australia, PropertyMe offers one of the world’s largest and most complete online property management tools. While it is replete with all standard features expected of property management software, its financial management features are particularly noteworthy. Let’s delve into what makes PropertyMe an excellent choice for rental property accounting tasks.

Ease of Use

With a crisp, clutter-free interface, PropertyMe offers a learning curve that is friendly to technically challenged users. Its design focuses on intuitiveness, ensuring that you spend more time managing your properties instead of running into software usage roadblocks. Whether you are recording transactions, generating financial reports, or setting regular payments, the process is straightforward with step-by-step instructions.

Tracking Income and Expenses

As every landlord knows, tracking income and expenses meticulously is fundamental to maintaining a profitable rental property business. PropertyMe has robust capabilities to monitor every dollar and cent tied to your properties. It automatically records rental income dates and amounts, ensuring that you will never forget about due dates or late payments.

Detailed Reporting

A distinguishing feature of PropertyMe is its comprehensive and detailed reporting system. You can generate several types of reports, including balance sheets, cash flow statements, and profit & loss statements. What’s more, PropertyMe allows you to easily customize reports to suit your specific needs.

Cloud-Based System

The extensive PropertyMe system is also cloud-based, so you can access your accounts anytime, anywhere. All of your data is securely stored and protected, ensuring you can continue business operations even should a disaster occur, such as system crash or physical damage to your property or computer.


To further improve convenience, PropertyMe syncs with many other property management tools. This integration enables you to take care of multiple tasks like listing properties and screening tenants without having to switch software or tools.

In conclusion, understanding accounting is fundamental to running a profitable rental property business. It becomes much easier when you have a tool that does the heavy lifting for you. PropertyMe leads the pack as an accounting software specifically designed for rental property businesses. With its intuitive layout, detailed tracking, and comprehensive reporting, it’s evident why it has gained such a stellar reputation.

The Intricacies Of Real Estate Fund Accounting

Real Estate Fund Accounting deals with the accounting and financial reporting process of real estate funds. These funds, like any other form of investment funds, require meticulous financial management to ensure everything runs smoothly. This involves properly maintaining the fund’s books and records, calculating its net asset value (NAV), preparing its financial statements and reports, and much more.

The Importance of Accurate Real Estate Fund Accounting

Accurate real estate fund accounting is crucial for various reasons. Firstly, it provides transparency for investors, enabling them to make informed investment decisions based on accurate financial information. Secondly, it ensures compliance with accounting standards and regulations, which is particularly crucial in today’s highly regulated investment environment. Thirdly, it enables the fund to measure its performance accurately, which is vital for assessing its progress and making business decisions.

The Role of Commercial Property Management Software in Real Estate Fund Accounting

Real estate fund accounting involves numerous complex processes, thereby making automation crucial. Automation technology that’s gaining popularity is the commercial property management software. This technology automates various accounting processes, thereby freeing up time for fund accountants to focus on more strategic tasks.

Varying from fund accounting-specific software to more general property management platforms, commercial property management software provide a range of benefits such as data integration, expense tracking, budgeting, financial reporting and forecasting. These benefits are vital for running a profitable and compliant real estate fund. Furthermore, such technologies also provide investor portal capabilities, enabling investors to access fund information and financial data at their convenience.

Keeping Up with Regulatory Changes

Another major part of real estate fund accounting is staying in tune with the ever-changing regulatory landscape. Rules and regulations around real estate funds accounting are continually evolving, making it important for fund accountants and managers to stay up to date. This is where professional organizations can provide assistance, offering updated information and guidance on the latest standards and regulations.

The Future of Real Estate Fund Accounting

The emergence of advanced technologies, coupled with increasingly stringent regulations, is driving significant changes in the world of real estate fund accounting. Even more, automation software like commercial property management software is not just a luxury anymore but a necessity. Thus, real estate fund accountants need to continue upgrading their capabilities and embracing technology to stay competitive in this rapidly evolving landscape.

In conclusion, real estate fund accounting is a critical component of running a successful and compliant real estate fund. With the right processes, technology, and knowledge, fund accountants can contribute significantly to their fund’s success and investors’ financial well-being.

Cbre Property: A Detailed Insight Into The Property Industry

CBRE Property is a renowned name known worldwide, boasting a realm of success within the property industry. A part of CBRE Group Inc., the world’s largest commercial real estate services and investment company, CBRE Property has established a strong foothold in the industry on a global scale. This article delves into CBRE Property, providing a comprehensive understanding of its functioning, acquisitions, and utilization of an advanced software tool – PropertyMe.

Understanding CBRE Property

CBRE Property stands as a formidable entity in the property sector, playing a pivotal role in property management, sales, leasing, appraisal, and investment. With a portfolio comprising millions of property listings worldwide, CBRE Property serves clients across sectors – commercial, residential, and agricultural – managing properties, maximizing their value, and leveraging their potential to the client’s advantage.

The firm extends its services in more than 100 countries, serving an array of clients, ranging from multinational corporations to small-scale businesses and individual proprietors. CBRE Property is loaded with an army of over 100,000 employees, skilled in various aspects of real estate management and operations and consistently delivering expert real estate solutions.

CBRE Property and Its Acquisitions

CBRE Property’s growth strategy extends beyond their core operations. Over the years, they have incorporated several companies into their global operations enhancing their service offerings. Each addition brings with it a new set of expertise, broadening the horizons of CBRE Property and maintaining its position at the zenith of the industry.

For instance, their acquisition of FacilitySource in 2018 enhanced their ability to provide integrated facility management solutions. Similarly, in 2019, the company acquired Telford Homes, marking its entry into the U.K.’s Build-to-Rent sector. Through such strategic acquisitions, CBRE Property has consistently broadened its service reach and fortified its command over various segments of the property market.

PropertyMe and Its Role in CBRE Property

CBRE Property’s role as a leading property management entity can be credited to the advanced software tools they implement, one of them being PropertyMe. Software like PropertyMe contributes to the effective management of the wide array of properties in their portfolio.

PropertyMe is an online software solution designed for property management. It allows users to manage properties, communication, accounting, and reporting from a single platform. It simplifies many complex aspects of real estate management, making property transactions seamless and efficient. It automates tasks which mitigate the risks associated with human error, thus enhancing the efficiency of property management.

Through PropertyMe, CBRE Property maintains transparent communication with their clients, simultaneously keeping track of every document, transaction, and activity linked to the properties. The use of such software bolsters CBRE Property’s position as a techno-forward company, embracing the modern trend of digitalization in managing properties, thus expanding their service efficiency and client satisfaction.


CBRE Property stands as a testament to the marriage of experience, expertise, and technological evolution in the property industry. Whether it be their diverse portfolio and comprehensive service range, their strategic acquisitions, or their utilization of advanced software tools like PropertyMe, CBRE Property showcases a comprehensive, forward-thinking approach towards property management. It is this vision and execution that makes them a trailblazer, setting new standards in the ever-evolving landscape of the property industry.

Top Property Management Apps: Streamlining Operations Magnificently

Property management can be slightly challenging, especially when dealing with several properties or rental units. Fortunately, technology makes it easier. Today, several apps are available to help property managers effectively handle tasks like filling vacancies, collecting rent, and scheduling maintenance. This article will walk you through some of the best property management apps available on the market and how they can transform your business.

AppFolio: AppFolio is a cloud-based property management solution that allows for efficient management of all types of property portfolios. It’s ideal for commercial, residential, and student housing, and it offers a range of features like online owner and renter portals, online applications and leases, online rent payments, key property management metrics, maintenance contact centre, and mobile inspections.

Buildium: Buildium is designed specially for all types of property managers and owners including those dealing with residential properties and associations. This app allows property managers to control all their business functions such as leasing, accounting, operations, and maintenance in one place. Its notable features include online payments, tenant screenings, a fully functioning mobile app, and comprehensive reporting.

Yardi Voyager: Yardi Voyager is a fully-integrated, browser-based, enterprise management system designed for property managers. This software centralizes accounting and property management data in one database, making it easier to navigate leases, contracts and information pertinent to the operation. Additionally, Voyager offers tools for leasing, rent collections, reporting and analytics, and maintenance management.

Australian Property Management Solutions: For Australian-based property management, several apps can make the work easier. For instance, PropertyMe is a cloud-based software solution that provides an intuitive platform for managing property expenses, communications, inspections and maintenance. Another one is Console Cloud, which offers automated workflows, comprehensive CRM, streamlined communications and a mobile inspections app. Additionally, such Australian property management solutions also ensure compliance with Australian taxation laws and regulations.

Rentec Direct: Rentec Direct is another comprehensive property management software that provides strong accounting, reporting, and file management tools. It gives landlords and property management businesses a platform to manage rentals with tenant portals, automated ACH options, tenant screening tools, and an integrated financial system that tracks profits and expenses.

Cozy and Zillow Rental Manager: Cozy and Zillow Rental Manager are excellent for independent landlords and smaller property management companies. These apps offer easy-to-use interfaces where landlords can list properties, screen tenants, sign leases, and collect rent. While these tools do not offer comprehensive features like the previous apps, they are free to use, making them great options for those starting out in property management or only managing a few units.

In conclusion, as a property manager, the right software can streamline your operations and make your tasks more manageable. From rent collection, maintenance management and tenant screening, these best property management apps provide you with all the tools you need to run a successful and efficient business. Furthermore, for our Australian readers, leveraging the power of Australian property management solutions such as PropertyMe and Console Cloud can ensure you remain compliant and always ready for any changes in the investment landscape.

Exploring Rental Property Accounting Software With Australian Property Management Solutions

Investing in and managing rental properties can be a lucrative business. However, property management is detail-oriented and requires the meticulous handling of financial data, rental contracts, and other documentation. Fortunately, rental property accounting software makes these tasks simpler, more efficient and more accurate. With a particular focus on our friends down under, this article will discuss the features, benefits, and potential of rental property accounting software with regards to Australian property management solutions.

Rental Property Accounting Software: An Overview

Rental property accounting software is designed to automate and streamline property management tasks, especially those related to accounting. These include rent collection, leasing documentation, expense management, budgeting and financial reporting among others. The software exists to make the life of property managers and landlords as hassle-free as possible.

Incorporating Australian Property Management Solutions

Australian property management solutions have been progressively incorporating rental property accounting software into their operations. This integration includes both residential and commercial properties, as well as portfolios of all sizes. Australian regulatory requirements have been taken into account in the software design to ensure compliance and legal alignment.

Key Features of Rental Property Accounting Software

Rental property accounting software offers a host of features. These features help manage day-to-day operations seamlessly and promote effective financial management for rental properties. Some of the key features include:

  • Managing tenants and leases: The software provides an efficient system to keep track of all tenants and lease terms, including move-in and move-out dates, rent increases, and various deposits.
  • Accounting and finance management: This feature allows the owners to conduct all financial transactions online, including collecting rent, paying property bills, recording expenses, and providing financial reports.
  • Maintenance management: With this feature, property managers can track repair and maintenance requests, schedule payments, and manage service providers.
  • Document management: An automated document management system for detailing any transactions, agreements, or notifications relating to the property.

Benefits of Using Rental Property Accounting Software

Investing in quality rental property accounting software can provide numerous benefits to property managers. The most apparent benefits include:

  • Time savings: The software automates many day-to-day operational tasks, which significantly reduces the amount of time spent managing the properties.
  • Improved accuracy: With automation, the chances of human error in calculations or data entry are greatly reduced.
  • Better financial planning: The software can generate property-specific reports, which helps in better financial planning and budgeting.
  • Relevant, real-time data: The software delivers real-time data of the property’s financial performance directly to the manager or owner.


Given the complex and detailed nature of managing rental properties, having the right tools is imperative. Rental property accounting software offers a tailored solution designed to ease and enhance property management, particularly when it comes to financial aspects. With the ability to streamline tasks, minimize errors, and generate real-time reports, this software provides enormous benefits over traditional manual methods. Above all, its adaptability to different property management regulations, such as those applicable to Australian property management solutions, makes it a valuable asset for property managers globally.